Ghusalal Patel, Civil Engineer

Ghusalal Patel

A civil engineer who has been working in New York City since 1965, Ghusalal Patel possesses both experience and education in his field. He studied civil engineering in Ahmedabad, India, earning a BS from Gujarat University. Ghusalal Patel then earned an MS in civil engineering from the University of Missouri in Columbia. Later he studied at the Polytechnic Institute of New York, where he and earned another master’s degree, this time in management.

Mr. Patel worked for a number of engineering companies through New York, spending nearly a decade as a junior engineer. He focused on bridges, industrial plants (especially chemical and petrochemical facilities), and high-rise buildings, completing analyses as well as design and drawings for all steel and concrete elements for structures.

Ghusalal Patel later became a senior engineer and oversaw the work of junior engineers while also managing schedules and deadlines. He worked with clients in order to design structures according to their specific requirements and needs, and worked with contractors to discuss the means and methods for specialized work.